New Premium Community!

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You're now using Bonfyre's premium features! You now have access to features like Announcements, Campaigns and more! Below you'll find some helpful tips to get you started. Browse the support site or sign up for a Platform Training below to learn more!

Post an Announcement or Broadcast

Post a welcome Announcement in your Community or send out a Broadcast. These tools allow you to send important updates to your team and include notifications! Click here to learn how to post an Announcement and here for Broadcasts.

Launch a Team Building Campaign

Campaigns are an awesome way to encourage engagement and make it easy for admins (that's you!) to collect and share content. Click here to learn how to send one!

Explore Your Recognition Program

We've added a sample recognition program to your community. Our recognition platform is completely customizable and is a great way to share successes amongst teams.  

Send a Survey

Use the Bonfyre Survey feature to get feedback from your team. Follow these steps to send out your first survey and pull the results!

Learn More

Want to learn more about all of Bonfyre's premium features? Send us an email to and we'd be happy to schedule a training for you and your team!



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  • I am so interested to learn English.

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