Magic Hashtags

by Emily Derfler

Bonfyre Photo Effects Bonfyre’s facial recognition feature allows you to jazz up your photo with a fun #autoeffect!

  1. Take a selfie or upload a photo from your photo library
  2. Click the 'Add a caption' box below the photo to add a comment and include a hashtag from the list below
  3. Click “Share” to share your photo in a community


Available Magic Hashtags

#autoaviator Aviator sunglasses

#autofyre Blazing sunglasses or flame-y hair

#autofancy Top hat, monocle, and mustache

#autogoogly Googly eyes

#autohearts Multi-colored hearts above your head

#autoparty Party hat, party sunglasses in multiple colors, and a disco ball.

#autopilot Pilot hat and aviators

#autostache Mustache

#autopirate Skull eye patch

#autodisguise Groucho glasses

#autosunshine Sun-shaped sunglasses

#maythefourth Green ears just like one of our favorite out of this world characters!

#autobunny Bunny ears, nose and whiskers


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