Account Set Up & Settings

  • Notification Settings

    Looking to change how your receive notification from your Bonfyre community? Follow these steps.           ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Edit Profile

    Your Bonfyre profile displays your profile picture, name, and description about yourself. Here's how you ca...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Add a New Email Address to Your Account

    Need to edit or add a new email address to your Bonfyre account? Here's how you can access your account and...

    Emily Derfler
  • Reset Your Password

    Need help resetting your password on Bonfyre? Here’s how to do it! To change or reset your password click ...

    Katie Scruggs

Menu Features

  • Recognize a User

    Bonfyre recognition is a simple yet powerful way to recognize success and champion behaviors important to y...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Activity Feed

    Your Bonfyre Activity Feed is a list of recent activity across all of your Bonfyre communities. Here’s how ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Search Feature

    Use the search feature within the Chat Feed to look for a specific post, keyword, or phrase.               ...

    Katelyn Kopp

Chat Feed

  • React to a Post

    Follow these instructions to 'react' or 'like' a post on Bonfyre.                                          ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Comment on a Post

    Comment on a post to keep conversations threads together in the chat feed.                                 ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Hashtags

    Use hashtags in Bonfyre to help categorize posts or promote a campaign. Hashtags make it possible for other...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Edit a Post

    Follow these steps to edit your post in Bonfyre.                                                           ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Post and Adjust a Photo

     Follow these steps to share a photo in the chat feed.                                                     ...

    Emily Derfler
  • @mention on Bonfyre

      iOSAndroid Desktop In the ‘Say Something’ box, type the message you want to post. Type '@'. Start typi...

    Emily Derfler

Direct Message

  • Start a Direct Message

    Have a private, one-on-one conversation with someone on Bonfyre with the Direct Message feature.           ...

    Katelyn Kopp

Creating a New Community

  • Create a New Bonfyre

    Are you ready to create a new Community? Follow the instructions below to set it up.  iOSAndroid Desktop ...

    Katelyn Kopp