Create a New Community

by Katelyn Kopp

Are you ready to create a new Community? Follow the instructions below to set it up. 

iOSAndroid Desktop
  1. From the Bonfyre home screen click 'Add' in the lower right corner. 
  2. Click 'Create a new Bonfyre'. 
  3. Click the box under 'Name your Bonfyre community' to type in your new Bonfyre community name (Max 50 Characters).
  4. Click 'Add an image' to add a picture to your community. This image will appear in the Bonfyre list screen (Recommended 600x600 JPG or PNG).
  5. Swipe the 'Attendees can invite others' button if you want to allow others to send invites to this Bonfyre community. 
  6. Click 'Create' button once you're ready to launch your new Bonfyre community.

Pro tip:

Don't forget to invite your colleagues to join your new Bonfyre community, here's how


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