• Multi-Question Surveys

    Gain insights or feedback from your entire company or a specific audience. Create a multi-question survey a...

    Emily Derfler
  • Post an Announcement

    Announcements are admin-only posts in a Bonfyre community chat feed that send a push notification to all us...

    Katie Scruggs
  • Add Agenda

    Add an agenda or custom list set to your Bonfyre community. Each custom list set contains three buttons: Pe...

    Emily Derfler
  • Quick Polls

    Looking for feedback from your company or have a quick question to ask? Create a one question Quick Poll.  ...

    Emily Derfler
  • Change User Role

    Is there a user in your Bonfyre who should be an Admin/have a different role? Here’s how to update their pe...

    Emily Derfler
  • Groups

    Groups can be used to send Broadcasts or Surveys to people across multiple Bonfyre communities. The group b...

    Katelyn Kopp
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  • Notifications

    Survey and Quick Poll notifications display based off of your phone notification settings.     

    Katelyn Kopp


  • Edit Menu Button

    Here's how you can edit or update your custom Menu buttons (image, text, weblink or .pdf). To add or edit a...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Chat Feed Settings

    Dashboard Settings are only on the web version of Bonfyre. Set the general settings, privacy settings, or c...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Create Menu Button

    Add buttons (image, text, weblink or PDF) to a community's Menu by following these steps.                  ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Brand a Bonfyre Community

    When you create a new Bonfyre community, consider customizing it to match your company brand.  Admins can c...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Build a Recognition Program

    Bonfyre Recognition is a simple, yet a powerful way to build recognition programs on your company's ecosyst...

    Emily Derfler


  • Bonfyre Content Plan Template

    Being organized is key to a successful Bonfyre content plan. Here at Bonfyre, we utilize this content plan ...

    Katie Scruggs
  • Import Users

    Importing your users allows you to add employees to your community without triggering a system email from B...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Invite Users to a Bonfyre Community

    Ready for others to join your community? Send your colleagues an invitation by following the steps outline...

    Emily Derfler


  • Dashboard Reports

    Dashboard reports provide real-time data and insights into the health of a Bonfyre Ecosystem or Community. ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Access Dashboard

    Dashboard provides a way to customize communities and to view insights on how employees are engaging with t...

    Emily Derfler


  • Sign Up for Admin Training

    If you are an Ecosystem Admin or Community Admin   click here  to sign up for Admin Training!

    Emily Derfler