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  • Make Meetings Better with Bonfyre

      Click here learn how to post an announcement.   Click here to learn how to post in the chat feed.   Cl...

    Emily Derfler
  • Bonfyre Content Plan Template

    Being organized is key to a successful Bonfyre content plan. Here at Bonfyre, we utilize this content plan ...

    Permanently deleted user


  • Automatic Chat Translation

    Automatic Chat Translation is here! Users now have the ability to translate chat content that is posted in ...

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  • Scheduler

    It’s now even easier to curate the content your people care about by scheduling announcements and posts rig...

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  • Celebrate Important Milestones on Bonfyre

    Bonfyre celebrations are campaigns designed to highlight an employee’s important milestone. Be it birthdays...

    Jack Konys
  • Create a Campaign

    Send a Campaign to encourage platform engagement and make it easier for users to generate content. Campaign...

    Emily Derfler
  • Arrange Menu Buttons

    Promoting buttons from the Menu to the Promo Bar above the chat feed is a great way to highlight important ...

    Emily Derfler
  • Trivia

      Bonfyre has a trivia tool that can be added into any Bonfyre community! Your community can have as m...

    Emily Derfler
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  • Bonfyre Best Practices

    Post a Welcome Announcement Post a welcome Announcement in your Community before launching. Explain the pur...

    Emily Derfler
  • New Premium Community!

    You're now using Bonfyre's premium features! You now have access to features like Announcements, Campaigns ...

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  • Launch Kit

    This Launch Kit will walk you through what you need to know to successfully launch Bonfyre after you have c...

    Emily Derfler


  • Create a New Community

    Are you ready to create a new Community? Follow the instructions below to set it up.  iOSAndroid Desktop ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Build your Bonfyre Ecosystem

    A Bonfyre Ecosystem is a group of communities that align with the way you naturally organize. When you’re l...

    Emily Derfler
  • Welcome Message

    Add a Welcome Message to your community so that all users receive the same welcome - no matter how long it'...

    Permanently deleted user
  • Admin Quick Start Guide

    Congratulations on launching your new community! Did you know you have access to premium features like Anno...

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  • Edit Menu Button

    Here's how you can edit or update your custom Menu buttons (image, text, weblink or .pdf). To add or edit a...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Chat Feed Settings

    Set the general settings, privacy settings, or customize a community's theme design. Learn how to access se...

    Katelyn Kopp
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  • Invite Your Team

    You have a few options when it comes to inviting your team to join you on Bonfyre. Below you’ll find inform...

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  • Download Join Link or QR Code

    Easily add new users to a community by adding a link or QR code to your email invites and flyers. Follow th...

    Permanently deleted user
  • Import Users

    Importing your users allows you to add employees to your community without triggering a system email from B...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Invite Users to a Bonfyre Community

    Ready for others to join your community? Send your colleagues an invitation by following the steps outline...

    Emily Derfler


  • Report Spotlight: User Joined Status

    Find out who has joined a Bonfyre Community and who hasn’t by downloading the User Joined Status report on ...

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  • Dashboard Reports

    Dashboard reports provide real-time data and insights into the health of a Bonfyre Ecosystem or Community. ...

    Katelyn Kopp
  • Access Dashboard

    Dashboard provides a way to customize communities and to view insights on how employees are engaging with t...

    Emily Derfler