by Katelyn Kopp

Send a Broadcast message to alert a community or predefined group of employees of an important message. Broadcast is only available on Desktop. 

  1. Click on the ‘Dashboard’ button in the top right-hand corner and select your company.
  2. Remain on the Ecosystem Dashboard view on the right-hand side OR navigate to a specific community and click the 'Features' tab.
  3. Click 'Broadcast' to view existing messages and/or create a new message.
  4. To start a new Broadcast click the 'Create a New Broadcast Message' button. 
  5. Choose from a custom group, Bonfyre community, or individual(s) you would like to notify. Note: Custom Groups are only available at the Ecosystem Level.
  6. Type a Message Description (not visible to recipients). 
  7. Type your Broadcast message and add an image or PDF (optional).
  8. Select 'Allow recipients to translate this message on-demand' if you want the option to translate the Broadcast message to appear. 
  9. Select the type of message (Standard or Security Alert). 
  10. Select the banner for your Broadcast:
    Standard = Heads Up! or Broadcast!
    Security Alert = Alert! or Important!
  11. Click the 'Send Broadcast' button to send to recipients.  

Pro tip:

Track who's read a Broadcast message or deactivate an old message from the Broadcast home screen on Dashboard. Broadcast messages send a push notifications to users and a follow-up email after an hour if not opened. 


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