by Katelyn Kopp

Send a Broadcast message to alert a community or predefined group of employees of an important message. Broadcast is only available on Desktop and you must have Ecosystem Dashboard access. 

  1. Click on the ‘Dashboard’ button in the top right-hand corner and select your company.
  2. Remain on the Ecosystem Dashboard view on the right-hand side and click the 'Features' tab.
  3. Click 'Broadcast' to view existing messages and/or create a new message.
  4. To start a new Broadcast click the 'Create a New Broadcast Message' button. 
  5. Choose from a custom group, Bonfyre community, or individual(s) you would like to notify. 
  6. Type a Message Description (not visible to recipients). 
  7. Type your Broadcast message and add an image (optional).
  8. Select 'Allow recipients to translate this message on demand' if you want the option to translate the Broadcast message to appear. 
  9. Select the type of message (Standard or Security Alert). 
  10. Select the banner for your Broadcast:
    Standard = Heads Up! or Broadcast!
    Security Alert = Alert! or Important!
  11. Click the 'Send Broadcast' button to send to recipients.  

Pro tip:

Track who's read a Broadcast message or deactivate an old message from the Broadcast home screen on Dashboard. Broadcast messages send a push notifications to users and a follow-up email after an hour if not opened. 


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