Multi-Question Surveys

by Emily Derfler

Gain insights or feedback from your entire company or a specific audience. Create a multi-question survey and choose the right type of survey questions and audience you’d like to hear from. Multi-question survey can only be created from your desktop. 

The survey tool is currently free and in beta. 


Getting There
    1. Click ‘Dashboard’ in the upper-right corner and select your company name.
    2. Click ‘Features’ and select ‘Surveys’ from the drop-down menu. 
    3. Click the  ‘Create a Survey’ button to create a new multi-question survey.
    1. Survey Name: Type the name you would like respondents to see for the multi-question survey. (250 Characters Max) 
    2. Welcome Message: Type a welcome message that will display for respondents before they answer survey questions. (Limit 500 Characters) *If you don't type a welcome message, a generic one will be shown to the user
    3. Closing Message: Type a closing message that will display after respondents answer the survey questions. (Limit 500 Characters)  *If you don't type a closing message, a generic one will be shown to the user
The visibility options let you choose whether or not you would like to track respondent information 
  • Visible: Responses will be tied to specific participants. 
  • Confidential: Prevents you from seeing which participants said what, but the responses can be tied back to other Bonfyre data by request. (Must be sent to at least 5 people) 
  • Anonymous: Answers to these questions are truly anonymous. (Must be sent to at least 5 people) 
Click 'Add New' to create a new survey question. Choose from the following questions types:
  • Short Answers: An open text field that allows answers up to 250 characters
  • Long Answers: An open text field that allows answers over 250 characters
  • Chose One: Multiple choice question that allows only one choice
  • Choose Many: Multiple choice question that allows more than one choice

You are also able to make any question required by clicking the 'Make this question required' checkbox. 

Once created select 'Save' and use the 'Add New' button to add a another question.
From the recipient tab you can select one of the following ways to target recipients: 
  • Ecosystem (entire company)
  • Community or multiple communities
  • Individuals
  • Employee group(s)
  • CSV Upload (Target Bonfyre & Non-Bonfyre users) 

Ecosystem leads: You can send a survey to the entire Bonfyre ecosystem, a specific employee group, one or more Bonfyre communities or upload a CSV that includes non-Bonfyre users.

Community leads: You can only send a survey to your Community.

From the results tab you can:
    1. Click on a survey question to view quick results.  
    2. Click the 'Export CSV' button on the right to export detailed results to your email address.

Pro tip:

You can copy a survey once you have created it, find those directions here. And here is how to edit a survey


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