Create a Birthday, Work Anniversary or Milestone Celebration in Bonfyre for Teams

by Jack Konys

Bonfyre celebrations are campaigns designed to highlight an employee’s important milestone. Be it birthdays or work anniversaries, the team will be able to add their best wishes to a digital card which will be delivered to the celebrant on their special day

To start a celebration: 

  1. While inside Bonfyre for teams, click on the chat bar at the bottom of the screen. You will see five different commands you can issue. 
  2. Click on "Celebration" and then hit enter. 
  3. This will launch the celebration feature. Click on "Get started"

  1. First, choose someone to celebrate 
  2. Then, select whether the person will be celebrating their birthday or work anniversary.
  3. Click on “Write Post
  4. Add a Title and a note to let them know why you're celebrating them.
  5. Next, you’ll choose the people you want to invite to participate in your activity. Start by clicking on "Invite Participants".


      • Use the search bar to find and invite individual people. 
      • To invite larger audiences, you can choose either a Bonfyre group*,  Community †, or a Teams channel‡.
  1.  Add a Start date (when the activity gets posted) and an End date (when the digital card is delivered)
  2. Preview your celebration and post.


* Bonfyre groups can be modified as needed. If you would like to make a modification to an existing group or create a new one, please contact the Bonfyre team or your leaders. 

† Community targets will only appear for companies that have created Communities within the Bonfyre standalone app. 

‡ If someone in your Teams channel does not have access to Bonfyre for Teams, they will not receive invitations to participate in the activities.


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