Create a Broadcast in Bonfyre for Teams

by Jack Konys

A Broadcast is a communication tool that has great visibility and reporting, as you can get read receipts and download read reports. When you send a Broadcast, users receive a message in the Bonfyre chat and a notification. 


To send a Broadcast:

1. While inside Bonfyre for Teams, click on the chat bar at the bottom of the screen and type  “Create a Broadcast”,  then hit enter.

2. This will launch the Broadcast feature. Click on "Get started"

3. Add a Title and message. You can also add a File, image, or GIF to your message. 

4. Next, you’ll choose the people you want to receive your broadcast.  Start by clicking on "Choose Recipients".

    • Use the search bar to find and invite individual people. 
    • To invite larger audiences, you can choose either a Bonfyre group*, Community† or a Teams channel‡.

5. Add a Start date (when the broadcast is posted) and an End date (when the broadcast closes)

6. Preview your broadcast and post.


* Bonfyre groups can be modified as needed. If you would like to make a modification to an existing group or create a new one, please contact the Bonfyre team or your leaders. 

† Community targets will only appear for companies that have created Communities within the Bonfyre standalone app. 

‡ If someone in your Teams channel does not have access to Bonfyre for Teams, they will not receive invitations to participate in the activities


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